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Top 10 Mortgage Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

The mortgage industry is undergoing a wave of technological innovation as start-ups, and existing lenders seek ways to automate, simplify, and fasten each step of the mortgage process. The excitement around mortgage technology is how it will revolutionize the consumer experience. In an age of skyrocketing options and dwindling profit margins, every company is focusing on providing greater customer satisfaction in the mortgage experience. Today, the customer prefers to be acquired digitally rather than through any other means. Mortgage technology offers consumers the comfort and control that they tend to experience in their daily lives.

Mortgage applications are increasingly becoming paperless and digitization of documents using pattern recognition software is now becoming the norm. Intelligent OCR technology is helping underwriters with quick and easy verification, and their decisions are increasingly based on automated rules engines. Property values are established in a matter of hours using automated valuation models without the need to wait for physical inspection. Many fintech firms are now actively implementing big data analytics to serve their customers in a better way and reduce the red tape associated with mortgage processing. Mortgage service outsourcing helps companies to get access to the latest in big data analytics, allowing them to make decisions about how many loans to approve, the pricing models for the same, and the mitigation techniques to be employed if required.

Mortgage processing comprises of complicated tasks which are difficult to perform and require exceptionally niche skills. Those services such as escrow services, payment processing, and investor-reporting always require the immediate attention of middle or senior management. Focusing on these tasks consumes a lot of time and effort, which could otherwise be utilized on managing compliance risk, devising new product strategies, etc. Companies can receive access to the latest digital tools and track the exact state of a file or process as and when they want by outsourcing tasks to a capable service provider. Since an organization does not have to buy the infrastructure directly, it never has to worry about the upgradation and maintenance costs either. One of the major benefits of outsourcing mortgage processing is that such tasks can be completed by the highly skilled team of the service provider, allowing companies to focus on their core objectives. A service provider can easily complete many mortgage tasks such as tax monitoring, mortgage servicing, and sub-servicing, origination-processing, etc. which will subsequently allow companies to maximize profitability and growth.

Nowadays, lenders do not use built-in document management systems available in their LOS and are instead opting to use a specialist technology service provider. The need of the hour is the technology that adapts to the business need and changing requirements. To assist CIOs in identifying the most reliable companies to partner with, a distinguished panel consisting of CEOs, CIOs, analysts, and Banking CIO Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry. We present to you – “Top 10 Mortgage Technology Consulting/Services Companies – 2019”.

    Top Mortgage Technology Consulting/Services Companies

  • Clarity Technologies is a tax-oriented mortgage technology consulting company at the forefront of any advice with the ROI. The business requires a systematic approach to finding the correct solution as technology professionals. Clarity Technologies is proud to be associated with industry leaders such as Ellie Mae, the Association of Mortgage Brokers, and more. These relationships guarantee that they are faced with prevalent modifications and needs that affect the mortgage, technology, and safety industries. The company is proud to work with these partners to provide the alternatives and services needed to make the sector difference

  • Sales Boomerang is the smart mortgage professionals system that alerts when an unqualified lead is eligible. Sales Boomerang is a technology-based service. It is intended to offer mortgage businesses, banks, and mortgage experts the capacity to obtain alerts when qualifying an unqualified client. It also enables current clients to be taken over and brought back when they are prepared for another loan. Sales Boomerang in the mortgage lending sector is the only automated Borrower Intelligence and Retention scheme. The business can transform every client into a Customer for Life with this intelligence.

  • Zia Consulting offers businesses across the sector with mortgage loan automation systems. The company delivers important cost savings, offering accelerated income possibilities, and enhance visibility in the compliance and business intelligence process. Automation of mortgage loans dramatically decreases manual labor costs and eliminates mistakes during the entire lifecycle of credit manufacturing. Their products deal with unique content management system (CMS) use project management instances, including inclusion of MS Project, contract management, digital signatures, and service provider multi-tenancy. They are committed to delivering timely and budget-based measurable company outcomes

  • Evolve Mortgage Services

    Evolve Mortgage Services

    The principals of Evolve have extensive finance, consulting, traditional and mortgage banking experience. They have been specifically involved with Evolve’s core business activities since 1991, successfully completing over 5,500 engagements for more than 500 clients. The company’s staffing and expertise span the entire gamut of mortgage operations providing origination support services from Underwriting through Investor Delivery, Government ensuring and Secondary Marketing support services. Evolve adds value to both special situations and business-as-usual origination, investor or servicing support services

  • AhelioTech LTD

    AhelioTech LTD

    AhelioTech is committed to delivering low-cost products and services without taking shortcuts or sacrificing efficiency, but improving quality and client support. The company believes that the best way to serve their customers is through a foundation of confidence, honesty, and a consistent effort to outperform the competition— in all ways. AhelioTech has a wide variety of technology services, including a local staffed 24/7 customer support call center. AhelioTech enables increasing companies to identify, assess, and execute alternatives that use new and existing technology & resources to enhance operational effectiveness and boost income

  • Assimilate Solutions

    Assimilate Solutions

    Assimilate Solutions is a U.S.-based, worldwide supplier of financial services solutions. The company offers domain-centric services in the United States and Australia to real estate firms, mortgage originators/lenders, mortgage service firms, and title/settlement firms. The firm thinks that a critical success factor is their deep domain understanding combined with a proven track record for setting up, managing, and monetizing offshore companies. They know the company, are familiar with the economic, operational, and technological problems, and have demonstrated experience in meeting these difficulties with tailored alternatives as well as leading the sector

  • Cloudstar


    Cloudstar is a multi-national supplier of virtual desktop hosting, hosted software and apps, and controlled industry consulting across the U.S., Canada, and South America. The motto of the company is to be the number one supplier of services for land title officials, law firms, mortgage lenders, property entities, and government agencies. Cloudstar's task is to simplify controlled industry technology and guarantee information safety, time and client service in every step they take. By offering safe access and two-factor authentication, all accessible via a single website, Cloudstar offers best-in-class safety and seamless user experience.

  • Radian


    Radian ensures responsibly and sustainably the American homeownership dream through products and services that include industry-leading mortgage insurance and an extensive suite of mortgage, risk, immovable property, and title services. The business is guided by technology, data-informed, and driven by fresh and better ways of transacting and managing risk. The company is shaping mortgage and immovable services' future. Today, with a complete range of mortgage and real estate alternatives, Radian delivers on the promise of innovation. Radian mortgage services enable stakeholders to identify risk zones and opportunities across the mortgage spectrum of residential homes

  • UHS America

    UHS America

    UHS America is a quality control seller providing post-closure hypothetical audits and pre-financing mortgage audits. The business utilizes the latest technology to ensure that the data is safe and secure at all times. The company provides expert and innovative quality assurance solutions to lenders with a dedication to excellence. Their extremely qualified auditors carry out a thorough evaluation that meets the requirements of quality control. A complete post-closure audit and re-underwrite of each credit file are included in the residential mortgage quality control service. Also, UHS America will improve the criteria for due diligence to add any special paperwork or demands that are specific to their company needs

  • VRMU


    VRMU offers a range of services to help performance and non-performance loans servicing. VRMU provides support services that provide its customers with operational lift and performance excellence. With established procedures, the industry's finest actual property experts and their patented technology platform, they provide a scalable outsourcing platform that helps lenders, service providers, investors, and public financial institutions decrease operational and reputational risk while helping to lower operating expenses dramatically. Regardless of the type or length of investment strategy, VRMU Mortgage services can provide the alternatives needed to meet investment goals